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les philosophes de tout le monde's Journal
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Date:2006-11-27 21:16
Subject:anyone loves this as much as I do?


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Date:2004-05-02 15:59
Subject:a humble request for my monklike existence.

Please post a book recommendation for me to read this summer. It can be your favorite book, or just a good summer read. I want to compile a list for when I'm peopleless and in need of good companionship.

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Date:2003-02-02 09:23

okay. i realize there is not much action taking place in this little station, yet here i post, once more. chronologically, we are brought to Anaximenes, but because his beliefs are somewhat similar to those of Thales', we will skip to another, Parmenides. Parmenides(540-480b.c.) believed that everything that exists, had always existed, and that actually change does not occur. we must not trust our sense, for we perceive that things change, but its a deception. he inquired "how can something become something that it is not?" if there is a soul alive out there, do you agree or not.

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Date:2003-01-27 18:41

sorry about the philosophical delay..i've experiences somewhat of a pseudo-pshycological early-lower mid-life crisis. now..to the point. i believe we/i am trying to take a chronological approach...does anyone object.....(feedback here X) this won't deal with a specific philosopher, but it was an early question pondered nonetheless...how is religion liberated from philosophy..or is it?

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Date:2003-01-20 18:00
Subject:subject me

so on milling through my utopia homework i came across tomorrows debate topic, which is subjectivism as defined by gregory pence's "a dictionary of common philisophical terms."

"subjectivism: the belief that the answer to what is right and wrong is held by each individual's personal beliefs, and that moral decisions are made by consulting one's own conscience."

i buy it.
but does it assume a lack of a higher being by taking things into individual's own hands?
i wonder which would be better, rational subjectivism or emotional subjectivism.

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Date:2003-01-20 13:19

Anaximander. limitations. our world is only one of a myriad of worlds that evolve and dissolve in the "boundless." is it true that the source of something, that which creates it has to be something other than the thing, itself? if all things are limited, which some assume, then is it inevitable that that which everything comes from, and that which everything returns to is profound-beyond limitation. (i would strongly recommend a book to all--jonathan livingston seagull by richard bach.)

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Date:2003-01-19 14:40

so...if this is going to work chronologically then i suppose Thales is the next candidate up for evaluation. Thales(apx. 517-591) harbored an interesting though, that the basic constituent of all things is water. do you think there is any logic there? given, most view the very idea as ridiculous, but the man had to use some rationalization. it is thought that perhaps this theory originated while he was in egypt. he watched as the Nile flooded the land, and observed the crops that thus flourished. any thoughts?

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Date:2003-01-18 22:54

Ok, i'll get the ball rolling.

Let's here some of you people's take on Predestination.

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Date:2003-01-18 19:25
Mood: geeky

bonsoir! comment ca va? ahhhh je suis bein. ahhhh. j'aime la philosopihe, il est tres interresant.

sorry, i noticed a lot of french in this so i had to.
i heard about this through unchatnoir, but its been a while since i studied philosophies. so maybe this will be fun.

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Date:2003-01-18 16:07

... Jamie made me join.

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Date:2003-01-18 15:12
Subject:the beginning.

i've created this journal in the hope that i will come across some diverse views and interpretations of classic, natural, mythological, or whatever philosophy. i'll try to spread the word. i've already posted this in my own journal, but it deals with beginnings so it seems adequate...

in 570 B.C. the greek philosopher Xenophanes stated "man created god in his image." intertwined throughout christianity, etc. is the belief that god created man in his image. what do you think.


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